Special Student

One day I went to education minister for giving my signature. When I got outside of my dormitory, I met someone who is so special for me. Maybe if we look at him just like normal looking at him. It is might be not a big deal with this guy. He is a student who is studying at Istanbul University. Moreover, he is a last semester student at the university. He is going to finish his study next year if there is no something problems happen, like other student as well.

The reason why there is something special from this guy whom I said that, because he has no normal eyes as the normal people have. Even He has it but he cannot see anything. He is blind. He does not know how to differ something without touching it. Even though he touches it but he does not know exactly what thing which has been touched.  The blind person can be a normal student and attending all of his education in a good university like other students. That is really an impressive phenomenon of the special student that showing up.

When we look at his face, the smiling will be showed to everyone who tries to talk with him. Sometime I just wonder about this guy, how he can be like this. He is like does not have any pains or problems to think about. Every smiling that was given to us as though came from in the deep of the honest heart of him. In spite of he could not see the way where he walked to, but he never asked to everyone to help him. He tried to find the way by himself. Of course, everyone who saw him will give help even he did not ask for helping.

I proud of your struggling in preserved your normal life as many people did. I have learned a lot of thing from you. Especially, about how important the passion of us in fill our days in this world as long as Allah still give us the chance to draw the line of live  to reach our destination. May Allah always be with you and keep your heath my brother Ahmed.

One response

  1. Salam…

    Basically all things that surround us is a teacher in life.

    Similar to the example above. but there are things we must remember that, every man will be given a test of life because it will tell if he’s a person who has faith or not.

    hopefully we can become more grateful with what we have… insya Allah..

    Jazak Allahu Khayran for sharing this one, It was so meaningful and give lessons about life.


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