Shaking hands

I have a little funny story about shaking hand. It happened when the first time I arrived in Istanbul and stayed in a government dormitory. Like other new students, I did not really know how their lifestyle is. Especially, when they meet and make a communication with one another.

One day, I went out of my dormitory to meet my other Indonesian friend who came together with me in a couple days ago. She is Putri. She was the only one girl from Indonesia for the period.  So, on that day I saw her sat on a seat. Beside her also there are some friends of her. I did not know who they are and where they come from. I said salaam to Putri then starting to speak with her.

After a moment, Putri tried to introduce the friends of her to me. I only said hello and tried to speak with them without touching their hand. I kept my hand inside my coat at the same time moving my head to give respect for them. This is my way to say hello to every girl whom I meet. Yet, it might be a strange phenomenon for those girls. I heard they said something in Turkish at the same time they saw up to my hand.

Firstly, I did not realize what I had done become a polemics. I understood what was happening After Putri gave me a signal. As soon as I realized I tried to give a reason why I did not touch their hand.

Shortly, I found a good reason to explain to them. I told them that the weather was so cold that I did not show up my hand. I explain in Turkish. Then, they laughed when I used Turkish because I was new and the accent which I used was a little bit different. They said,” ow turkce biliyorsun”. It meant that “oh you know Turkish”. And then the problem was solved.

After that day, I do understand the condition of my environment where I live. I keep trying to put my habits on the right side. It meant that trying to be one of them but not to lose my identity of course. I keep trying not to show up something which makes other people think that what I am doing is strange.

2 responses

  1. Salam… oo… Brother.. if you are on the right path, why the fear to be come strangers. Something that usually happens is not necessarily legal.

    Its the same thing with this Deen, seemed so familiar because adherents fear if other people stay away, people become familiar because of his attitude.

    But u are already do good thing, so please maintain it with well insya Allah


    1. wsalam..yes sister..! first of all syukran jazakillah for the advice and keep praying for me and all of the ummah inshaallah

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