Keep going

Life is a journey that filled with various obstacles. Sometimes we feel as though no longer able to continue. It all felt when the burden and obstacles day by day increasing rapidly, as if he had never lost and always overshadow our life’s journey.

However, life is so available for us that we should not only think about it but also we have to struggle and pray in the name of god who created everything in the world. He knows every secret that we don’t know about. Even though that is not so easy to understand or to endure it but at least we should try to do the best way that we can do to keep our good life from the evil way.

Try to move forward in tracing this journey of life, not to stop before reaching the finish line. Line that determines the boundaries of our acting which we play in this world. Although many of the parties deliberately trying to stop it. Nevertheless, stand up and continue struggling until the day when the soul separates and flies leave our body which will be followed by losing the entire world problems that we have. After that, it will be our stop. …

One response

  1. Salam… brother…good strory for shared.

    of this story I saw a man who lived his life with his own abilities, is not a Muslim who lives as a servant of a ruler.

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