Ramadhan is a holy month for all of moslem who realise that they are Allah’s servant. Every moslem must be happy when Ramadhan come because in this month every good deeds which we done will be rewarded by Allah ten times and then inshaAllah more and more.

O People! The month of Allah (Ramadhan) has approached you with His mercy and blessings. This is the month that is the best of all months in the estimation of Allah. Its days are the best among the days; its nights are the best among the nights. Its hours are the best among the hours.

Actually, so many resources that tell us about how Allah Azza wajalla reward to every moslem who do every good deeds in Ramadhan.

For instance: Whoever offers ‘Sunnat’ (Recommended) prayers in this month, Allah will give him a certificate of freedom from Hell. Whosoever offers one ‘Wajib’ Salat in this month, for him the Angels will write the rewards of 70 such prayers, which were offered by him in any other months.

Whosoever recites repeatedly ‘Salat and salam (Salawat)’ on me, Allah will keep the scales of his deeds heavy, when in Qiyamat the scales of others will be tending towards lightness.

Whosoever recites in this month only one ‘Ayat’ (verse of the Holy Qur’an), he will be rewarded in a manner as if he had recited the full Holy Quran in the other months.

O People! The Gates of Paradise remain opened in this month. Do invoke that the gates may not be closed on you, while the Gates of Hell are closed. Do invoke that these gates may never be opened. During this month Shaitan (Satan) is imprisoned so ask your Lord not to let him have power over you.

In Ramadhan,  there is one the most important is Lailatul Qadar. It’s name of one night in Ramadhan. The night is better than thousands month. Maybe we can not imagine how benefit this night. MashaAllah…

After we finish fasting as long as one month, a victory will come. And we say it is a winner day for everyone who fast in Ramadhan.

Ramadhan is the one important month in my life. Everytime when Ramadhan come I alocated special time for doing good deeds together with my family, especially with my mother. Sometime we pray together in our house when she could not go to Masjid for taraweeh. The Masjid is alittle bit far from our house. In another time we make somthing like contest who can be the best one in doing good deeds.

Yeah that’s it, more or less…!. yet Ramadhan in this year everything is different because all of my family is not beside me. I am not in my country , I am in Turkey. I have been here for ten month. I miss my family all but I do not know exactly when I can return to my country..hopfull I will finish my study in short time, as soo as possible….

Tobe continous..

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  1. Salam…. Jazak Allahu Khayran for sharing this brother//

    May Allah Ta’ grant us the faith, strength, and spirit to make this a unique and special Ramadan… May He grant us the ability to be consistent in our endeavours. May He protect and preserve our faith.

    Resolve 0′ Honourable Muslim!

    * To perform the five daily salaah with the congregation,
    * To perform the Taraweeh salaah diligently.
    * To spend as much time as possible in dua, Tilawah, and Zikr
    * To take part in the various Ramadan… programmes at your Masjid.
    * To protect your fast by guarding your tongue, eyes, and thoughts.
    * To beautify your fast by sharing your iftaar with your neighbours and the needy.
    * To be patient, tolerant, and sympathetic. Especially to your parents and spouse.
    * To be kind and generous to the poor and needy. Especially to our destitute Muslim brothers and sisters from foreign countries.
    * To serve at least one sick, aged, or disabled person during this Ramadan…
    * To make dua for the Ummah daily before iftaar.
    insya Allah…


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